Brightview Landscaping

Brightview is the professional landscaping service provider for River Ridge.  They handle all landscaping work on the common areas of the community, In addition they provide limited services on the homeowners front, side and when easily accessible, the rear portion of the lot. Easily accessible means that there are no barriers to access, such as a locked gate, fence or other structures. 

Beginning in 2024, A portal to Brightview was established for residents to directly submit service requests and track general landscaping concerns. Please follow the link below to set-up an account.

Brightview Connect

All Landscaping service requests will be viewed and tracked by the HOA Board, Heritage Management Company, and landscape management at Brightview.  Please do not contact crew members or Brightview’s corporate office directly.

The below is a detailed list of Brightview’s landscaping responsibilities. Please review carefully:

  • Grass mowing
  • Edging of hard lines and plant beds
  • Blowing of debris off driveways and grass, this does not include PICK UP  when homeowners blow it themselves. 
  • Tip and hand pruning, per plant type as needed – maximum height allowed for any plant type is 12 feet due to safety measures and available equipment
  • Leaf removal as needed
  • Removal of debris in plant beds, in grassy areas, and along curbs.
  • Weed control in plant beds, and spot treatments as needed
  • Weed control for turf

Frequency of services varies depending on the season and may be adjusted as needed. Timing may also change slightly depending on weather patterns. The above portal shall have host an updated schedule for residents to see a weekly schedule for our dedicated crew for when contracted work is to be completed.

**Pine straw is applied in common areas and in the front and side areas of homeowner lots twice a year – usually early to mid-December and late spring. Pine straw is applied  in common areas and in the front and sides of homeowner lots. 2024 Policy changes: If you wish to opt out of pruning or pine straw, please send a service request in the portal above

Please keep in mind Special requests such as “Not have a particular plant pruned” will not be available. Pruning or pine straw application in an “all or none” service. We have a community of approximately 200+ residences and Brightview cannot be responsible for keeping track of special requests. If you choose to opt out of services, you will be responsible for the upkeep of your property. Opting out of services will not change your monthly HOA dues.

2024 Policy changes: If you wish to opt out of pruning, please send a service request in the portal above. If you do not opt out of these services, you acknowledge that you are relying it to Brightview to administer these services as it judges to be appropriate. 

The following services are also not included in landscaping services:

  • Yard redesign and new installation of plants, shrubs, hardscapes, etc.
  • Retaining wall and hardscaping repair or replacement
  • Tree trimming and/or removal. Please note the removal of a live tree requires City of Johns creek approval. Trees over 12 feet from the base additionally require ARC approval prior to removal. The HOA does periodically trim back limbs that overhang the streets to ensure that emergency and other large vehicles can safely and quickly get through. 
  • Overgrown or dead bush removal and/or replacement
  • Re-turf, re-seed grass
  • Seasonal flower additions
  • Removal of yard debris from homeowner pruning. Please refer to your trash pickup contract for yard debris removal. Brightview can have limited space for yard waste at times and prioritizes it during the services they provide.

Individual homeowners are responsible for the above items, which need to be managed by the homeowner or contracted through an independent landscaper of your choice. Individual homeowners can request a quote for this extra work from our landscapers, and they welcome it, but this is to be managed separately from the included landscaping services.

We hope this clarifies the landscaping services provided through Brightview. We appreciate your support of the judgement of our professional landscaping company on how to maintain all plants and grass on your property to maximize vegetation health and community aesthetics.