River Ridge Newsletter July, 2023


Jeff  Budd, President


The President’s Corner

We hope that your summer is off is to a great start, and that you have had the opportunity to use the River Ridge pool, clubhouse and courts, enjoying time with your family, neighbors, and friends. This is the inaugural edition of the River Ridge News, which will provide you with key updates for our community. We plan to publish the newsletter on a monthly basis.

Thank you for your support of the River Ridge community and your Board. Please reach out to us with any questions.  Happy 4th of July! 

As always, please reach out if you have any questions by emailing the us at Board@RiverRidgeHOA.net.

Quick Updates

·       Pool Deck and Stairwell to the Courts

As reported in May, a section of the pool deck and the stairwell to the courts is not usable. By now, most of you have seen the fence/barricades which were installed for your safety. The Board is now reviewing estimates from engineering firms for options to plan for the demolition, and rebuilding phases of that area.

We expect to have proposals submitted by mid-July and select a firm to complete by early September. We will also be looking to our residents for input as to the proposed options in the near future. We will send out another communication as progress is made, and we know more details.

·       Brightview Landscaping

The Board has also been working with our new landscaping company to serve our community in the best way possible. You will notice several changes that should enhance the services provided and subsequently, improve the look and feel of the community.

Brightview will also begin servicing our community two days per week, instead of one. The weather may impact this schedule on a weekly basis.

·       Mondays-Mowing,  edging and blowing Hedging and trimming of bushes and shrubs,

·       Thursdays-Hedging and trimming of bushes and shrubs and blowing.

The weeds in some areas have been particularly aggressive this year. Brightview’s weed treatment partner, Tru-Green, will be retreating weed during the week of July 10.Additional treatment of weeds—their





Landscaping Updates (cont’d):


The weeds in some areas have been particularly aggressive this year. Brightview’s weed treatment partner, Tru-Green will be retreating weeds during the week of July 10.

Quick Updates:

·       We recently completed the construction of new stairs to the right of our courts. This will provide easier and safer access to our courts while we complete work on the pool deck. The stairs are a great addition to our clubhouse area and will provide access to the lower undeveloped clubhouse area which may have potential for future development.

·       Architectural Standards Compliance

One of the Boards’ strategic goals for 2023 is to provide more consistent architectural compliance throughout the neighborhood, which helps increase home values and a positive sense of community.

You may have noticed increased courtesy notices and violation letters coming to you in the last several weeks. These are a result of an independent review by Heritage Management. They inspect the community and provide a report indicating each homeowners’ compliance with the approved architectural rules. These rules include, but are not limited to design standards, the approved color palette, upkeep of structures-including driveways and sidewalks-maintenance of lawns which do not fall under our landscapers’ responsibilities, garbage can visibility, parking, and other items.

While we do not want you to receive these notices, it is a necessary part of our function as a Board, and an important responsibility in maintaining the standards of our community. If you have any questions about a courtesy notice or violation you may have received, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Important News:Alerts and Advisories

·       We are working non-stop with the city of Johns Creek, and the construction crew to ensure there is open communication between our Board and the individuals responsible for overseeing work at the entrance to Niblick Drive. We have asked them to contact us when they are planning on working at the entrance, and when the entrance needs to be closed. This includes adequate signage for our residents to ensure a safe entry and exit. Unfortunately, we do not always get a heads-up. Please be on the alert for possible work going on at this juncture in time. We will act as quickly as possible to inform you of said work.

Neighborhood Happenings

·       The River Ridge Book Club will be held at the Clubhouse on Monday, July 3 from 7-10 pm.

·       The Watch your email for information coming soon about our “Dive-In Movie Event” on Saturday, July 29.  Sneak Preview: We will be showing the movie National Treasure.

Community News 

·       We have two new fast food restaurants at the Rivermont Shopping Center-Chipotle and Jersey Mike’s, which provide more options to you and your families.

·       Glass recycling is now available at Ocee Park off of Buice Road. Please click here to learn more.