Pool Parties

During warm weather our pool is a popular place for residents and their guests. To ensure that everyone is able to enjoy the facilities, new guidelines and processes have been established about having parties in the pool area.

Please contact Heritage Property Management’s clubhouse group to make a reservation for a pool party.  Their email address is clubhouse@heritageproperty.com or you can call them at 770-200-8218.

There’s no charge for making a pool party reservation.


  1. The pool cannot be reserved for exclusive use during regular hours. The pool will not be closed for private parties but can be reserved on a first come basis with only one party per time frame. 
  2. Parties are to be limited to four (4) hours during pool hours of 7:00 a.m. – 11 p.m. and are limited to 15 people.
  3. Food and beverages may be brought into the pool area for the party. The booking member is responsible for placing waste in the trash and general clean-up of the reserved area after the end of the party.
  4. The pool, clubhouse and tennis courts are no smoking areas.
  5. No glass bottles, plates, bowls, serving items, or any other glass item shall be allowed within the pool area. Broken glass constitutes an immediate safety hazard and is a significant issue for clean-up. 
  6. Members will be financially responsible for any damages caused in and around the pool area as part of the party.
  7. The party activities should not interfere with other members.
  8. There must be one adult for every four (4) guests who are younger than 14 years of age at a pool party.
  9. Hiring a certified lifeguard for more than 10 minor guests is strongly recommended.
  10. All party/pool guidelines must be met. Any exceptions to the party/pool policy must be in writing to River Ridge Board to review before the event. 

Pool Party Reservation Form